Midnight Whispers
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Midnight Whispers
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Post series. Brian and Justin are living in different cities and it has started to take it's toll on them. How do they and especially Brian cope with the situation?


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Published: May 31, 2017 Updated: January 04, 2018
Story Notes:

This is my first attempt on a multichaptered story. This focuses on Brian's life in the Pitts and his thought's on the situation but Justin is getting his voice heard, too. I root for B/J and happy endings, so no worries there :-).

1. Chapter 1 by Seawind [ Reviews - 6 ] (1012 words)

I like to point out, that even though this first chapter is some what anti-Michael, the whole story isn't at all. You'll see :-).

2. Chapter 2 by Seawind [ Reviews - 4 ] (705 words)

Blaah! Finally I had the time to finnish the second chapter. This is a rather short one but more's coming up sooner or later :-).

3. Chapter 3 by Seawind [ Reviews - 3 ] (1530 words)

First of all a huge thank you to Predec2 for the great banner! :-)

Real life issues have gotten in my way but hey, here's finally another chapter for you to read. I honestly hope to update this story more frequently in the future.

By the way, as fas as I know, there's no Mart's gallery in NY, it's just a fake name I made for the place. There's no harm intended with the choice of name.

4. Chapter 4 by Seawind [ Reviews - 4 ] (1017 words)

Wow, I actually managed to update :-). Finally something from Justin's point of view.

5. Chapter 5 by Seawind [ Reviews - 4 ] (1889 words)

Finally, finally it's done! I'm so sorry it has taken this long to post another chapter. RL has been crazy and it seems to continue like that.. I promise to finish this story, though.

I hope someone is still out there wanting to read this story ;-)

6. Chapter 6 by Seawind [ Reviews - 4 ] (2562 words)

Finally our boys reunite!! :-)

I'm so sorry for not posting this chapter sooner. Hope you enjoy it, though! :-) There's still one more chapter to go after this one.

Thanks for all the reviews,


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