Midnight Whispers

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Midnight Whispers
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Feature Summary:

Happy Valentine's Day!  And what better way to return after three years absence than to offer you a romantic love story, featuring our beloved Brian and Justin.  I really hope you will enjoy it.  I would like to dedicate this story to three people in particular for helping me to return to fanfic writing.  To Judy, my beta, for her enduring support and friendship.  To Kim, for creating this beautiful banner for my story, and for providing the help I needed to continue my work.  And to Bob, simply for being there whenever he is needed.  I would also like to thank all my readers who have always made me feel so good about my work.  

Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION , FEATURED STORY , Post-513 Fic , Romance , Valentine's Day Characters: Brian , Justin
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Published: February 14, 2017 Updated: February 14, 2017
Story Notes:

The story is set a dozen years after that final heart-wrenching scene, when the couple parted so that Justin could move to New York City.  Eventually Brian joined him, and they both thrived in their careers.  Unfortunately Brian's success has slowly caused an imperceptible wedge between them with his constant absences for work.  Brian, fearing that their relationship is faltering, has decided to show Justin just how important he is to him by planning a Valentine's Day vacation he will never forget.  

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1. Chapter 1 by mandagrammy [ Reviews - 23 ] (5888 words)

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