Midnight Whispers

Six months later brings chaos to the island of Al Duran. Justin has fled Brian" s="" island="" and="" returned="" to="" america.="" brian="" former="" self="" returns="" with="" a="" vengeance.="" who="" will="" most="" feel="" the="" sting="" of="" his="" revenge=""> Sultan's Revenge by confused_bliss

Midnight Whispers
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Six months later brings chaos to the island of Al Duran. Justin has fled Brian's island and returned to America. Brian's former self returns with a vengeance. Who will most feel the sting of his revenge?

***Story is now complete!***

Rated: NC-18
Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION , FEATURED STORY , Alternate Universe , Brian/Justin , Brian/Justin/Other-Relationship , Brian/Other , Drama , Jealousy , Justin/Other-Relationship , Out of Character Characters: Ben , Brandon , Brian , Ethan , Justin , Original Character(s)
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Published: March 28, 2016 Updated: December 30, 2016
Story Notes:

A/N: This is a sequel to Sultan's Possession. You might want to read that first, if you haven't already :) 

Banner: Thank you to Roni (NoChaser) for the awesome banner. The feeling for this story is so perfected depicted. Thanks so much!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the characters of Queer as Folk. This is done for entertainment purposes only. No infringement intended!!

1. The Beast Within by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 27 ] (1769 words)

2. Awakening A Savage by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 10 ] (2578 words)

3. Playing With Fire by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 8 ] (3757 words)

A/N WARNING: The end of the chapter has a Justin/Other moment albeit brief that you probably won't enjoy; however, it does place a bit of canon into this story, and could be a plot device down the road. Knowing our territorial Sultan, it probably will be! As always, please let me know what you think. Your comments motivate me even more...

4. Friends and Enemies by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 5 ] (2473 words)

5. A Plan Set in Motion by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 6 ] (1751 words)

A/N: There is no Justin in this chapter. However, this chapter sets things in place for the long-awaited reunion (of sorts) in the next chapter. I had hoped to do that in this chapter... but as I plotted through this part, I realized there were so many events to transpire before that initial meeting. So, it needed broken up a bit. Also, I had written a large part of this chapter before realizing that I was supposed to update 'Relentless Hunger' next. I always try to adhere to that even rotation in fairness to those only reading one story or another. All that being said, this chapter is a bit shorter than usual for all of those reasons, but the plot does continue to progress. I hope you enjoy it. As always - comments are greatly appreciated! :)  

6. The Determination of A Madman by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 10 ] (2534 words)

A/N: The evening moves forward. WARNING: Our Sultan still exhibits very primitive behaviors on many levels. That should be more easily understood after this part. Thank you for reading. As always, I reiterate - comments are not only appreciated, but what inspires me to write more quickly.    

7. Laying Siege by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 6 ] (2365 words)

A/N: Unfortunately, I didn't get to the Sultan/Michael confrontation in this chapter. The other events took longer than I had planned. But, I just went with the flow. That will be in the next part, though. Thank you for reading. As always, comments are greatly appreciated! :) 

8. Desperate Decisions by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 9 ] (3541 words)

A/N: Long chapter, but no Brian/Justin interaction in this part. However, you will see that won't be the case going forward with how the events progress here. And yes, the Sultan/Michael confrontation is upon us. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it! :)    

9. No Price Too High by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 11 ] (2458 words)

10. A Waiting Game by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 6 ] (2670 words)

11. The Power of Love by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 8 ] (2273 words)

12. A Tumultuous Homecoming by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 6 ] (4040 words)

13. Healing Words by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 5 ] (2435 words)

14. Resolutions... and Primal Hunger by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 5 ] (2138 words)

15. Unquenchable Desire by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 5 ] (3204 words)

16. Vanquishing A Madman by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 4 ] (3282 words)

A/N: In the previous chapter notes I had projected this to be the final chapter. Whether it be good or bad, that won't be the case. There will be one more chapter to follow this one. Even though I had planned for it to be, there was just too much to resolve here. My goal was to have this finished before Christmas, so clearly, I am writing the last part of this before returning to any other projects. As always... thank you for reading!

17. The Evolution of a Primitive by confused_bliss [ Reviews - 12 ] (5008 words)

A/N: This chapter takes us to the end of the journey. I will miss my time in this 'verse more than I can ever say. But, that time always comes. Thank you for reading. :)

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