Midnight Whispers

This is a sequel to The Stripper and A Man" s="" gotta="" know="" when="" to="" ask="" for="" help.=""> Fatherhood by sfscarlet

Midnight Whispers
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This is a sequel to The Stripper and A Man's Gotta Know When To Ask For Help.  As promised, Brian and Justin think about a family.  Banner by Marny. Thank you so much.

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Published: May 30, 2015 Updated: December 05, 2017
Story Notes:

This will most likely be a short story.  It has taken me a very long time to start this story.  I promise to finish it and have several chapters written.  I wanted to wait until I was sure I could update regularly in the beginning.  Real life is very busy but I promise to update and complete the story.  Beautiful banner by Marny.

1. Decisions by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 16 ] (2805 words)

Feedback is always welcome.  There are many stories about Justin and Brian having children.  I hope I can do the topic justice and my readers find it entertaining.  I'm playing in this sandbox. 

2. Peter Pan and Wendy by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 9 ] (1588 words)

Posting should occur more regularly.  Yeah.  thanks for the lovely feedback from my readers.  Hopefully you will enjoy my take on this scenario.

3. Chapter 3- Everyone Has An Opinion by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 9 ] (2533 words)

I wasn't going to write a chapter about Michael and Lindsay but there were so many comments regarding their reactions, I decided to do so.  Hope you enjoy it.

4. Chapter 4- Surrogate by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 8 ] (2432 words)

Enjoy the next chapter in the saga

5. Chapter 5- Peek a Boo by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 8 ] (2748 words)

Here is the next installment.  I hope everyone enjoys the adventure.

6. Chapter 6- It's Real by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 6 ] (2354 words)

I had several readers want to know a little about Justin and Brian's thoughts as they embark on this journey.  ( See- I do read and consider your comments).  This next chapter is dedicated to those who felt a little bereft with the suddent pregnancy.  There will be a few more chapters exploring their journey as they experience Cynthia's pregnancy. Thank you for reading and all the comments.

7. Chapter - All About Gus by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 9 ] (2142 words)

A little view of Gus's thoughts about the new baby.

8. Chapter 8 - Jealousy is a Green Eyed Monster by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 13 ] (2376 words)

Michael's thoughts as Cynthia's pregnancy progresses

9. Chapter 9--Dolls and Zombies, and Baby Monitors by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 7 ] (4159 words)

Thank you to all the readers who patiently wait for updates.   I have this chapter and another one written, but then will not post till next year-  most likely, as I'm writing two stories for the QAF gift exchange-  I do not intend to take 9 months to write the story ( or in other words- as long as it takes for Cynthia to have her baby)   Enjoy and comments are golden

10. Chapter 10- Christmas Aftermath by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 8 ] (2394 words)

11. Chapter 11- Moment of Truth by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 8 ] (3848 words)

Here is the next chapter.  I guess my prediction of taking as long to write the story as it acutally takes to be pregnant is going to be true.  I'm still trying to post regularly but RL is very difficult.

Anyway-  if anyone is interested in betaing for me, I would love to hear from you.  My beta is no longer available and this chapter is not betaed.

12. Chapter 12-- I Don't Know Nothing Bout Birthing No Babies by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 4 ] (3944 words)

A new chapter.  For those of you still reading, I thank you for your patience.  As a quick reminder, we left Brian and Justin having a discussion with Gus regarding the new baby and explained to him that he was not going to live with them.  I have three new chapters almost ready.  I really hope to finish this story in the near future.  Thank you for continuing to read and I always finish what I started. And shout out to my new betas Quinn6765 and Cindym for the beta work.

13. Chapter 13- The Care and Feeding of A Baby by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 4 ] (3937 words)

Dear Readers:

Thanks for still reading and commenting.  I have written another chapter and you don't have to wait months to read it!!!!  Enjoy and comments always welcome.

14. Chapter 14-Shopping for Baby by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 4 ] (2854 words)

Another new chapter and the next one is going to the beta this weekend.  The baby is coming soon.

15. Chapter 15- One Lst Adventure by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 7 ] (2689 words)

Just a few more chapters left to tell the story.

16. Chapter 16- New York by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 6 ] (3105 words)

I'm almost finished with this story.  I can't believe it has taken me longer to write than an actual pregnancy. Thank you to all the readers that continue to read and comment.  It means the world to me.

17. Chapter 17- Arrival by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 1 ] (3495 words)

Just a few more chapters, dear readers. Thank you for your continued support and patience as I have spun this tale.

18. Chapter 18- Meeting Baby Colin by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 5 ] (4268 words)

19. Chapter 19- Sleep Perhaps To Dream by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 6 ] (3542 words)

20. Chapter 20- Best Laid Plans by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 6 ] (5267 words)

21. Chapter 21- Gus' Visit by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 11 ] (4729 words)

Another chapter-  next one is actually written-  go me-  evidently there is more to the story than I thought.  ( lol)  Happy Friday

22. Chapter 22= Aftermath by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 5 ] (2293 words)

Sorry, I meant to post this earlier but RL got in the way. Thank you to all the readers who fed my muses and assured them that they were still wanted around.  ( lol)  The story will continue for a bit.

23. Chapter 23- A Talk With Gus by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 6 ] (3474 words)

I guess some readers have been treating my muses to chocolate, donuts and popcorn because he has been talking to me.  Anyway,  Real life slowed down just a bit in order to write some more and I hope to bring another chapter soon.  ( no promises-  those muses may decide to play in the yard and get the last bit of summer fun)-  although it is is technically fall now.

24. Chapter 24- Dinner Sunday Night by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 5 ] (2756 words)

Sorry for the delay.  My beta had a death in the family -  very unexpected -  hope folks are still reading and interested in the adventures of Gus and Colin.  Comments always welcome

25. Chapter 25- Gus' Wish by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 8 ] (3463 words)

I hope my dear readers enjoy the new chapter.  I hope that you believe the scenario could unfold in this manner.  If not, consider it poetic license.

26. Chapter 26- A Family of Four by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 5 ] (3287 words)

Looks like this did not post over the weekend so I'm reposting.  I will most likely not update till next year as I need to get busy and write two stories for the qaf gift exchange

27. Chapter 27- When Worlds Collide by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 5 ] (3975 words)

I promised I would get back to the story but I did not think it would be so long. Hopefully, my readers are still interested in what happens in the Taylor-Kinney household.  I have another chapter written so hope to post it soon as well.  I'm hoping to finish this story soon. 

28. Chapter 28- Mikey's Lament by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 16 ] (2965 words)

Yeah-  a new chapter- and its only been two weeks.  Next one is written-  yeah.  Hope folks are still reading. For a story that was going to be short, my muses obviously have a different idea of what short is.  Anyway here is another new chapter.  Please let me know that you are enjoying and still reading.  ( Shameless plug for feedback) I don't ask for feedback to make me feel good, but I would like to know folks are reading the story. A "great chapter" is still good.

29. Chapter 29- The Talk by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 10 ] (2613 words)

RL is giving me a little more time to write-  yeah-  so here is a new chapter.  Comments always welcome

30. Chapter 30- A Talk With Lindsay by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 5 ] (4879 words)

Very anti- Lindsay

31. Chapter 31- Gus' New Home by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 10 ] (2773 words)

I'm posting again, yeh.  Shout out to all my readers who leave lovely comments.  I look back and see my original note that this was a short story and would not be very long. That was almost 2 years ago and the story is still here.  This is just to show that comments from readers do make a difference in maintaining the story and growing it. 

32. Chapter 32- Tears and Fears by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 11 ] (4068 words)

Everyone is adjusting to being a family

33. Chapter 33- Lego Retrieval by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 6 ] (4602 words)

34. Chapter 34- Lego City by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 7 ] (3455 words)

A new chapter-  Hope everyone enjoys

35. Chapter 35- Where Do I Belong by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 11 ] (5887 words)

Another chapter- just in time for a nice holiday weekend for those of us living in the USA.   I realized that I've been writing this story for almost 2 years and it was supposed to be a short story.  Those pesky muses.  I do believe the story is winding down, but I hope to continue to write in this universe.  For those of you who have commented, thank you for your support and continued reading.  For those of you who have not commented, a little - love the story would be appreciated.  Now on to the story.

36. Chapter 36- Fallout by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 7 ] (5057 words)

Things are heating up-  

37. Chapter 37 by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 7 ] (4839 words)

There are some legal issues discussed in this chapter.  I'm not a lawyer and have taken poetic license in these matters.  Hopefully my readers can accept my theories.

38. Chapter 38- Reality Check by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 7 ] (3873 words)

39. Chapter 39- Pick Up by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 6 ] (3904 words)

Another new chapter-  still writing and trying to finish this story-  

40. Chapter 40- To Be A Father or Not To Be A Father by sfscarlet [ Reviews - 7 ] (3179 words)

Still writing. I promise to finish this story.  I do not leave stories unfinished.  Next week is the last week of the semester and that should leave me with some free time. ( hopefully)-  thanks for all the feedback and patience of my readers.

Last time-  Gus was picked up by Brian and Justin at school.  Lindsey and Mel were there and tried to get him to come home with them.  

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