Midnight Whispers

After escaping from an abusive relationship, Justin, Jennifer and Molly have begun a new life in Pittsburgh. When Justin’s ex tracks him down, can Brian save him in time? *STORY IS COMPLETE*

"> Hiding in Plain Sight by starfire64
Midnight Whispers
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Brian and Justin have some fun in the shower, Jennifer wonders if that really was Glen in that taxi and Glen arrives for his meeting with Brian. I’m not real thrilled with this chapter, but I didn’t want to mess with it anymore for fear of really lousing it up. I hope you all like better than I do.

Fingers scraped against wet glass as Justin dug in with his toes on the slightly slippery flooring of the shower stall; incoherent moans tumbled from his open mouth as Brian repeated the long hard thrust into his body. What had started out as a leisurely good morning blow job had rapidly grown into a much more pleasurable activity, in the shower, as warn water rained down on the two lovers. Brian’s fingers gripped Justin’s hips, holding him steady as his own hips slammed forward. The blond head fell back, resting on Brian’s shoulder as the head of Brian’s cock nudged his prostate on each inward pass, sending ripples of spine tingling electricity up his back.

“Ah….fuck….c…can’t hold…off….” Justin gasped, his voice sounded raw even to his own ears.

Brian reached around him, wrapped his fingers around the stiff appendage rising up from the dark blond curls and gave a few tugs “then come….NOW!”  And Justin did, with an earth shattering orgasm that would have had him sinking to the wet floor mindlessly if Brian hadn’t been holding him up.

Thirty minutes later as the two were making their way to the underground parking garage; Justin’s stomach began to rumble, sending a pink blush sneaking up Justin’s pale skinned neck.

Brian laughed and threaded his fingers through the slightly damp hair on the back of Justin’s head, pulled him close and lightly kissed his lips.

“Guess we had better feed that animal in there.” he said, then smirked as Justin’s stomach growled an answer.


Cynthia stood at the copy machine, watching as duplicates of the form she was copying slid out into the catch tray.  She lifted the coffee mug to her lips, taking a swallow as her eyes gazed at the clock on the nearby wall.  Brian had called twenty minutes earlier to say  that he and Justin were on their way but that he needed to feed the growling monster sitting in the passenger seat first.  She had lightly laughed when she’d heard Justin’s embarrassed “Brian” in the background and after, half jokingly, requesting a cinnamon bun, had told her boss she’d hold down the fort.

She had just gathered the fresh copies in her hand when the door opened, she looked over and smiled a greeting as Brian and Justin walked in. A Styrofoam to-go cup was clutched in one of Justin’s hands, while the other held a small, white, bakery style paper bag. Justin smiled back at her as he walked over and handed her the bag.

“Breakfast, my lady” he said, bending at the waist and sweeping his arm out, and away, from his body with a grand flourish, all the while keeping the Styrofoam cup in an up-right position.

“Why, Thank you, kind sir” Cynthia laughed, playing along as she curtsied. Brian shook his head, the corners of his lips curling upwards in amusement at the antics of his secretary and young lover.  He knew his blond friend had taken a shine to Justin almost from the moment they had met, treating him as the younger brother she never had.

Justin turned and walked back to Brian as Cynthia took the bag to her desk. As soon as he got close enough the blond reached up and laid a hand alongside Brian’s cheek, rubbing the pad of his thumb over the freshly shaven skin.

“Later” he said, looking into the hazel eyes.

Brian’s answer was to pull Justin close with a jerk and push his tongue past startled lips. A soft moaning sigh escaped the blond as he wrapped his arms around the brunets’ shoulders, loosing himself in the smoldering kiss. It wasn’t until a few moments later when the sound of a throat being cleared reminded them they weren’t alone. They reluctantly pulled apart, Justin’s sunshine smile at full wattage as Brian turned to glower at Cynthia who was propped up against the edge of her desk, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Brian raised an eyebrow “don’t you have something to do?”

Cynthia chuckled “of course, but this is soooo much more interesting.”

Brian shook his head and rolled his eyes as Justin laughed and started for the art department, giving a wave in Cynthia’s direction as he scooted past.

After Brian had disappeared into his office, closing the door behind him the tall blond sat down to finish off the sweet roll, thinking how much things had changed in the past months. Brian was much happier since he had managed to break down the rest of Justin’s walls, though she still didn’t know what had brought about that change. All Ted had let slip, was that some trouble, one night at Babylon, had allowed Brian to sweep aside the remaining few bricks Justin had build around himself.


Jennifer sat behind her desk at Carson Real Estate, her mind in turmoil over who she thought she had seen the previous day.  She was glad that Justin had recently taken to spending most of his nights with Brian. Since his room was right across the hall from hers, he would surely have heard the movements in her room, since she had spent much of her own night tossing and turning while the brief image of the Glen look-a-like had played over and over in her mind.

She still wasn’t sure if it actually had been him, the glass on the Taxi had been tinted and the man’s face had been slightly tuned away from her line of vision, but the overall posture and profile of the turned head had borne an alarming resemblance to that of her son’s former lover.

She absentmindedly shuffled the papers on her desk, should she call Justin? Warn him? But what if the man she had seen wasn’t Glen, did she really want to put her son through all the fear and dread that Justin had displayed for months after they had left Los Angeles, only to find that the man she had seen, hadn’t been Glen after all?

She sighed and bit her bottom lip as she thought about her son; Justin was finally, finally, putting his past behind him thanks to Brian. The tall, hazel eyed, brunet had become such a prominent fixture in their lives, especially after finding out what had happened to Justin.

 Jennifer smiled to herself as she got up to stretch her legs, where one was, the other often wasn’t far behind and she had a feeling Justin was falling for his hazel eyed boss. Brian had been so good to, and for, her son and she didn’t think that……..Brian…….Brian…..Jennifer whirled around to stare at the phone “Brian” she breathed.

The thought had hit her like a fast moving locomotive. Brian, of course, why hadn’t she thought of him before? She rushed back to the desk and picked up the phone and punched in the now familiar numbers.

“Good morning, Kinnetik, how may I direct your call?” the friendly, but unfamiliar, female voice asked.

“This is Jennifer Taylor, May I please speak to Brian?” Jennifer asked.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but Mr. Kinney is in a conference call.”

“What about Cynthia? Is she available?”

“No ma’am Cynthia is out of the office for a few hours. Can I take a message?”

Jennifer was about to leave a message for Brian to call her as soon as he could when there was a knock at her door. She looked up to meet the hopeful eyes of her new clients, a newlywed couple just starting out and motioned them to come in.

“No, thank you I’ll call back later.” Jennifer reluctantly answered as she ended the call. The beaming couple sat down across from her, having no idea what their untimely arrival had just set in motion. 


Glen hummed softly to himself as he finished toweling off with the oversized, fluffy, white towel embossed with the hotels name in copper threads on one corner. The plan he had formulated the evening before, after witnessing the heated lip-lock by his young lover and Kinney, had been perfectly thought out and fine tuned during the night.  An early morning call to a friend back in LA had resulted in the first part of the plan being completed, and the outcome of that call now lay in a large yellow envelope sitting on the corner of the bed.

As he dropped the towel and padded naked out of the bathroom he stopped at the opened doors of the small closet in his room. He carefully selected a dark grey Armani suit and laid it on the bed, smoothing his hands over the material then turned and selected a long sleeved black silk shirt from the hotel closet, and picked a tie matching the shade of the suit to complete the ensemble.  He needed to look his best when he arrived at Kinnetik for his meeting with Brian Kinney. 

An hour later Glen walked out to meet the waiting Taxi, the yellow envelope held firmly in his hand.  As he sauntered past an older couple waiting in the lobby, they turned and smiled to each other as the softly hummed tune of “the wedding march” trailed behind him.


The taxi pulled into Kinnetic’s parking lot just in time for Glen to spy Brian and Justin returning from lunch. As the two men disappeared inside the building, Glen paid the driver, grabbed up the envelope and got out. Walking through the entrance, he looked around the spacious reception area, noting the friendly atmosphere. As his eyes swept along the walls he noticed two large paintings hanging on opposite sides of the room, yet precisely in line with each other. He walked over to look at one then turned and walked to the other, paying special attention to the names engraved on the on the small gold plated name plates fastened to the bottoms of the polished Cherry wood frames.  He smiled to himself; he would have known Justin’s work anywhere.

“Remarkable aren’t they?”

Glen turned to gaze at the pretty blond woman sitting behind a large desk and nodded “very remarkable” he said before turning and striding up to the desk.

“I have an appointment with Mr. Kinney” Glen glanced at the Rolex on his wrist “at 1:00” and waited while Cynthia buzzed her boss to let him know that his next appointment had arrived. As soon as Brian answered Cynthia stood and walked to the door of Brian’s office with Glen close behind, eager to set the rest of his plan into action.

 “Justin’s mom called a few minutes ago. She wants you to call her back ASAP.” The blond woman told Brian as she moved slightly to one side to let Glen by. Cynthia didn’t notice the sharp look the man tossed her way as she headed back to her desk; Brian did and wondered what the look had meant.

Brian smiled as he moved forward to shake Glen’s hand “Mr. Halbrook, I’m Brian Kinney.”

“Mr. Kinney, so nice to meet you. Please call me Jeffery” Glen replied smooth as silk and using his actual first name. He held onto Brian’s hand just a second longer than necessary, taking the time to roll the pad of his thumb back and forth on the side of Brian’s hand.

As Brian released Jeffery’s hand, he had to resist the sudden urge to wipe his hand on the side of his pant leg, the man was obviously on the prowl, but there had been something in those green eyes looking back at him, something that appeared almost sinister.

“Care for a drink?” Brian asked, feeling the overwhelming need to put some distance between himself and the other man. It was a strange feeling, one he’d never had before and he couldn’t quite place his finger on why he felt the way he did. He attempted to mentally shake it off as he reached for the decanter sitting on the top shelf.

“Bourbon?” he asked, tossing a glance over his shoulder and seeing the affirmative nod “then we can discuss what our two companies can do for each other.”  

After Brian filled the glass he turned, surprised to see Jeffery standing so close to him they were almost touching. The man ran a finger up under the lapel on Brian’s suit jacket “I would definitely like to know you better” he replied, giving Brian a smile that clearly stated what his intent was. The alarming feeling within him suddenly spiked and Brian’s hand flew up seemingly of its own accord, grasped the man’s wrist and took a step back.

“Sorry, I have someone.”

Brian watched as the man’s eyes narrowed in displeasure, he could sense that Jeffery wasn’t used to being turned down and that it didn’t set well with him. He barely managed to bite back a smirk as the other man gave a small nod as if accepting Brian’s words, then turned and walked to the two chairs positioned at an angle to one another in front of Brian’s desk and sat in one of them.

“How convenient for you.” he said. He lifted the glass tumbler and took a drink, staring at Brian as the brunet took a seat in his own chair across from him. His eyes narrowed thoughtfully as he studied Brian over the edge of the glass. He hadn’t counted on Justin’s influence over the other man, the blond clearly had Kinney wrapped around his finger. Glen finished his drink and set the tumbler on the edge of Brian’s desk, as much as he would have liked to have the brunet writhing under him, he could see now, that fantasy wasn’t likely to happen and it was time to switch to phase two of his plan. Brian must be made aware that Justin belonged to him and only him. 

“I too had someone” Glen stated, opening the envelope and removing its contents “before he ran off.”

“Look…….” Brian began but Glen held up a hand, placed the paper on the desk and pushed it toward Brian.

“Justin may be your lover Kinney, but he is my husband and he will remain mine until I say otherwise.” Jeffery stated, glowering at Brian.

All Brian saw before a rage unlike anything he’d ever known overtook him, was the type written name on one line….. J. Glen Halbrook.

“YOU, SON OF A BITCH” Brian roared, as he launched himself over the desk. The tumbler Glen had set on the edge of Brian’s desk toppled over and shattered as it hit the ground.


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