Midnight Whispers

After escaping from an abusive relationship, Justin, Jennifer and Molly have begun a new life in Pittsburgh. When Justin’s ex tracks him down, can Brian save him in time? *STORY IS COMPLETE*

"> Hiding in Plain Sight by starfire64
Midnight Whispers
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Glen arrives in Pittsburgh, and shows up at a couple of the gangs usual haunts. There is a sentence in here that will probably make you think, WTF is she thinking? Haha. Don’t worry, it won’t actually happen.

Glen sat in the plush green, blue and white pinstriped chair in his room, staring at the photograph on the computer screen. He had arrived in Pittsburgh an hour earlier, and his still packed bag lay on its side, on the bed where he had tossed it as soon as he had gotten into his room. While he’d waited for his computer to boot up, he had gone over every bit of information that his private investigator had given him the night before, his main point of interest being Justin’s current place of employment, Kinnetik and the company’s owner, Brian Kinney.

It had taken just a few clicks on the keyboard to find what he had been looking for, and what he’d found had come as a pleasant surprise. It seemed that Kinney had once been employed at Vanguard, and surprisingly enough, Glen’s own employer Mason Inc. had used Vanguards expertize in the past which had helped build Mason’s sizable reputation in the art restoration business.

After leaving Vanguard, Kinney had opened Kinnetik, and in as little as a year and a half, Kinnetik’s reputation had surpassed Vanguards as one of the top ad agencies in its field, and many of Brian’s old clients had switched agencies that first year.

Another few clicks had taken him to the website of the local paper where a month old article had boasted of a talented young man who had been hired as head of the art department.

The article also included a photograph of Brian Kinney, and Glen had been stunned at the man’s beauty. He leaned back against the comfortable padding on the chair, staring at the photo, if he wasn’t on a mission to reclaim his run-a-way lover, he just might be persuaded to take Kinney for a quick tumble. The very idea of being rejected by the man was so preposterous that the thought never even crossed Glen’s mind.  Glen smiled as he gazed in appreciation at Brian’s picture, yes, a good hard fuck would be just what he needed, not that he’d been celibate in the year since Justin had been gone, far from it. There was just something in the face smirking back at the camera that made his cock twitch in anticipation.

While still on the papers website Glen noticed a small image on the lower, right hand side of his screen and clicked on it. The image instantly popped up and showed the inside of a diner on Liberty Avenue, Glen’s eyes quickly scanned the photo, and slightly widened as they landed on a couple sitting in a back booth. He zoomed in on the couple and felt his tamped down anger begin to simmer, it was Justin, his very own, blond escape artist, and Brian Kinney. It appeared neither man was aware of being photographed, and the scene they presented was quite cozy.

Glen’s eyes narrowed as his anger grew, Kinney had an arm draped across Justin’s shoulders while the blond was leaning back against Brian’s chest, Justin’s face was turned up toward Kinney’s and his hand appeared to be caressing the other man’s cheek. So, Justin had taken another man to his bed, had he? The simmer turned into a boil as a wave of fury washed through Glen, how dare that impertinent little fuck take another lover.  He had meant what he had said that day in the hospital, Justin was his and Glen vowed that the blond would pay dearly for this act of defiance.

Glen grabbed up the computer, preparing to fling it against the wall, but a sudden thought had him hitting the back button instead. He sat there gazing at Brian’s picture; the man was, after all, stunningly beautiful and Glen knew Justin all too well. A cunning smile crossed his lips, what better way to knock Justin off his feet than to have the man walk in and find Glen fucking the ad man over his own desk. With the image of Kinney’s naked body swirling around in his mind and knowing Justin would be there, Glen made a split second decision, perhaps it was time Mason Inc. switched ad agencies as well.


“Here you go honey” Deb said, as she set a glass of iced tea down in front of the tall dark-haired man sitting at the counter. She looked up as Michael leaned across the counter to kiss her cheek.

“Hi, Ma.”

“Hi sweetie, what are you doing here?”

“Brian’s meeting me here for lunch.” Michael said, sitting down on one of the stools. Neither noticed the man sitting a few seats down suddenly perk up at the sound of Brian’s name. Deb walked to where Michael was sitting and leaned on the counter.

“Well, what can I get you to drink honey?” She asked, giving a loving pinch to her son’s cheek.

“Coke” Michael answered just as the bell above the door tinkled announcing another customer. A wide smile crossed Michael’s lips as Brian sat down beside him and placed a friendly kiss on his lips “Mikey”

“Hey Bri.”

Debbie came back and placed Michaels coke down in front of him “where’s Sunshine?” she demanded, without a hi, hello or go to hell.

Brian quirked an eyebrow at her “what, no hello Brian?”

Debbie rolled her eyes and smacked her gum “asshole, hello Brian, now where the hells Sunshine?”

 “He’s having lunch with his mother.”

Debbie’s harsh demeanor instantly changed and she smiled “oh, well, good for him” she pulled an order pad out of her pocket “what do you two want to eat?”

Brian ordered a turkey on whole wheat, a side salad and a cup of coffee and Michael ordered a cheeseburger and fries. Deb took the orders to the kitchen and was back in a heart beat.

“You and Justin had better be at the house on Sunday” she said, tapping her finger on Brian’s chest “I’m fixing Sunshine’s favorite, Rigatoni” before she could say anything else someone called her from one of the booths and she shook her finger one more time at Brian and left.

Michael looked at Brian “Justin’s favorite is Rigatoni?”

Brian shrugged his shoulders “fuck if I know.”

Soon enough the bell signaling their lunch was ready, dinged and Kiki set the plates down in front of them “Need anything else boys?”

Brian shook his head since Mikey already had a huge amount of burger in his mouth. Michael finished chewing and swallowed, then turned to Brian “you and Justin are coming to Woodys tonight right?”

Brian nodded “we’ll be there.”

“Good, Emmett told me Justin’s a good pool player so maybe me and Em can team up against you and Justin.”

The two finished eating and then Brian pushed his empty plate away and stood up; pulling a ten out of his wallet and tossed it on the counter “wouldn’t miss it for the world Mikey” he leaned over, this time kissing Mikey on the cheek since the later had just shoved the last of his French fries in his mouth “later.”

Mikey nodded and waved, popped the last bite of burger into his mouth as he stood and yelled to Debbie “bye ma” and walked out the door. Kiki was wiping down the counter when the dark haired man called her over “I was wondering if I could ask you a question?”

Kiki nodded “shoot”

“Would you tell me how to get to Woodys?”

Kiki smiled, she liked this handsome stranger, so nice and polite.

“Sure thing sugar, it’s a block down that way.” she said as she pointed in the general direction.

The man smiled and grasped her hand before she had a chance to set it down on the counter, brought it to his lips and placed a kiss on the back of her hand “thank you, my dear.”  He smiled, handed her a fifty telling her to keep the change and walked out the door.

Kiki stared in open mouthed astonishment at the closing door.

Glen walked out to the street and waved for a taxi, he got in and gave the driver the address for his hotel. As the car proceeded down the highway, Glen stared out the window lost in thought. He had gone to the diner hoping to get information and had been surprised when Kinney himself had shown up. The photo of the man did not do him justice Glen decided, Kinney was absolutely stunning and Glen knew that he had to have the man before flying back to LA with Justin in tow. Glen smiled at his reflection; this would turn out to be quite an interesting trip.

The car stopped at a stop sign then turned the corner, the occupants never noticed the tall, pretty blond woman standing at the corner with a stunned look on her face. 

Jennifer shook her head, no it couldn’t be, it had to be someone who resembled him. There was no way that Glen knew where they were.


It had been easy enough to find Woodys and Glen presently sat at the far end of the bar watching the game going on at one of the pool tables. Justin’s hair had grown longer, the shaggy ends reaching just below his ears and if it were possible the blond looked even more beautiful than he had before. He watched as Justin blew a strand of hair out of his eyes and lined up for another shot. Glen’s eyes lowered to the perky ass that was clothed in black denim. He would never have permitted Justin to wear such tight fitting pants in public, but right at the moment, his hands itched to grasp and mold the firm round cheeks.

Justin took his shot and stood up straight, tossing a grin over his shoulder at Brian who stood nearby holding a pool stick in his hand as his ball disappeared into a pocket. Brian grabbed Justin by the back of the neck, pulling him close and planting a very hot, tongue down the throat, congratulatory kiss on the blond’s lips.

Glen’s eyes narrowed in rage as the kiss went on, Justin had slackened his hold on the pool stick and a tall, thin man in a bright pink shirt and red pants caught it before it crashed to the floor. Justin had wrapped his arms around Brian’s shoulders and seemed to be attempting to suck Kinney dry through his mouth. The two finally broke apart to the sound of hoots and hollers and a smaller brunets, the same one who had been with Kinney at the diner, laughing yell of “Christ, you two, get a room.”

Justin and Kinney left a few minutes later and Glen sat alone at the bar, nursing his drink. As an idea began to take root, a malicious smile began to curl the corners of his lips upwards. The more he thought about it, the more the idea appealed to him and a low chuckle escaped unnoticed past his lips. This was going to be so much fun.


Brian and Justin had taken Michael’s teasing comment to heart, and as soon as the loft door had been closed behind them, Brian pounced on Justin.

“Ah, fuck….Brian” Justin moaned, reaching above his head to tightly grasp the pillar Brian had pushed him against. His head was bent forward, slightly glazed blue eyes trying to focus on the dark bobbing head. He could feel the head of his cock hitting the back of Brian’s throat each time the brunet sucked him in, combined with the semi-rough massage being applied to his balls by one of Brian’s hands was enough to threaten to send him over the edge.

He gasped and let out a strangled sound when Brian pulled back leaving just the head of his cock in his mouth and ran the tip of his tongue through the slit then dove down, swallowing him, again.

Brian’s hand, the one that wasn’t playing with his nuts, was on his upper thigh, holding his bare ass firmly against the smooth coolness of the pillar. A fine sheen of sweat was already beginning to form on Justin’s back and butt cheeks, making his stance against the beam a bit precarious. Justin tightened his grasp, determined to stay on his feet while Brian continued to deep throat him.

Just as his knees threatened to buckle, Brian’s hand that had been busy with his balls moved to his other thigh, holding him hard against the pillar as the sucking grew more intense. Tiny mewls tumbled from Justin’s lips as his head fell back against the steel beam. The only warning Brian had was the slight shifting of weight before Justin was shooting down his throat.

A moment later he rose, kissing Justin and thrusting his tongue past the blond’s parted lips. Justin softly moaned, tasting the slight saltiness of his own seed on the other man’s tongue. Brian reached down, grasping Justin’s ass cheeks and lifted him. Justin smiled against Brian’s lips as he wrapped his legs around Brian’s lean waist and felt himself being carried across the room.

Long, strong fingers kneaded the warm skin as Brian walked toward the stairs going up into the bedroom. Justin was lowering and raising himself in time with Brian’s movements, rubbing himself against Brian’s hardened cock and Brian growled in response.  As soon as they reached the bed, Brian unceremoniously dumped Justin onto the midnight blue comforter, smirking as he walked around the bed to the nightstand for the lube and condom. Justin had rolled onto his stomach when he felt hands at his hips pulling him onto his knees. He heard the flip top on the lube being opened and gathered the dark material into his hands. The lube always seemed to be cold when it first touched him, and he waited for the first drop, but still couldn’t stop the gasp of surprise when he felt the wet coolness dripping onto his rectum.

“Fuck, that’s cold.”

He heard Brian’s soft laugh behind him “don’t worry, it’ll heat up.”

Before Justin could send back a snarky reply, he felt a long finger being slowly worked into him, going in a little bit, and then being pulled back before going in a little further. A long, gasping sigh escaped him at the pleasurable feeling of being fucked by Brian’s finger. Soon another was added and the feeling began to intensify, and he began to rock back and forth against the thrusting of Brian’s fingers. As much as he enjoyed this, he began to want, no need, something else, something longer and thicker to replace the fingers.  

Justin rose up on his hands, locking his elbows and looked back over his shoulder.

“Brian, fuck me.”

There was a brief feeling of emptiness when Brian extracted his fingers but the sound of the condom package ripping let Justin know that the feeling was only temporary. In just a matter of a few seconds, Justin felt the head of Brian’s cock push past the ring of muscle and his mouth fell open at the feeling of being completely filled as Brian entered him in one long smooth thrust.

Brian’s hands held Justin’s hips as his own began to move in an age old rhythm. Back and forth, in and out, Brian looked down; watching as his cock disappeared then reappeared again and again. He could feel the heat from Justin’s body through the condom, and could hear the moans and gasps coming from the man’s mouth.

He leaned over Justin’s body, placing his hands on the comforter next to Justin’s, feeling the other man’s sweat dampened back moving against his stomach and chest. Justin’s fingers laced with his as the pleasure rose another notch. Brian’s hips began pumping hard against Justin’s, nearly forcing the man down flat on the bed but Justin pushed back, staying on his hands and knees.

The brunet was breathing in harsh, guttural pants, sounding almost like grunts in Justin’s ear. Brian’s hips picked up the pace and he wrapped one arm around Justin’s waist, he was so close, so fucking close.

Suddenly Justin let out a yell and Brian felt the ring of muscle constricting around his cock, sending him over the edge.


Seconds later they both fell sideways on the bed, Brian’s arm still wrapped around Justin and his chest heaving against Justin’s back.

Justin ran his hand up and down Brian’s arm, feeling the fine hairs prickle under his palm and smiled as he moved his head back, tucking it up under Brian’s chin. Brian regretfully kissed Justin’s shoulder a minute later as he reached down between then, intending to gently pull out, but Justin grabbed his arm.

“Not yet, stay inside me.”

Brian moved his arm back around Justin, nuzzling his nose into Justin’s blond locks.


Later, after Justin had fallen asleep and Brian had thrown the condom in the trash and cleaned up, he lay in the bed next to Justin, softly running the palm of his hand over Justin’s back, feeling the ridges of the scars beneath his skin, and vowed that one day, he’d meet this bastard face to face and the man would find out what real pain felt like.

Chapter End Notes:

Well, folks, this is the last pre-written chapter I have, so from here on out, I am going to try to post once a week. If you’ve already read this chapter elsewhere, you may notice it’s been very, very slightly revised from that version.

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