Midnight Whispers

After escaping from an abusive relationship, Justin, Jennifer and Molly have begun a new life in Pittsburgh. When Justin’s ex tracks him down, can Brian save him in time? *STORY IS COMPLETE*

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Midnight Whispers
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Just realized I’d gotten the chapter titles mixed up when I posted the last chapter, not the chapters themselves, just the titles, so they are still in order as they should be. THIS one was originally called “Come Undone” but for here I’ve renamed it.  This chapter is just a little bit shorter than the others and the stuff written in Italics are Brian’s thoughts.

 “You want something to drink?” Brian asked, while he slid the heavy steel door to the loft shut.

“Yeah, JD if you have it.” Justin answered, wandering around the loft. He had been here a few times before, and the vast openness of the entire place intrigued him, you could stand in one spot, turn in a full circle, and see everything. Even the glass partitions that made up the bed room didn’t stand in the way of seeing what was inside. He loved coming here, usually, but tonight the wide expanse of the loft was drenched in stillness, as if waiting for what would soon happen. He felt Brian’s hand on his back as the dark- haired man stepped up next to him and turned, taking the glass that was held out to him. Brian watched in amusement as Justin downed the drink in one gulp and one side of his mouth lifted up in a half smile.

“Nervous, sunshine?”

Justin gave a small laugh “a little.”

Brian finished his own drink then set the glass on the counter top, “we don’t have to do this.” he said, wrapping long fingers around the back of Justin’s neck and pulling him closer so that their foreheads touched.

Justin shook his head “I need to Brian” he answered, running the palm of his hand across Brian’s cheek “I need to replace the bad memories with good ones, new ones, and I want them to be with you.”

Brian curled his lips inward and nodded, “Then let’s make some good memories.”  

He was determined to do just that as he slowly licked Justin’s full bottom lip, and then plunged his tongue inside, his cock quickly responding to the sound of Justin’s throaty moan.

Four hours later, Brian lay in bed, Justin’s slumbering body sprawled across his chest. One arm was wrapped around the blond’s waist while the other lazily moved up and down Justin’s back, his fingers lightly tracing the scars. To say he’d been surprised at Justin’s wild abandon would be putting it mildly. Once started, the blond had been insatiable, and, for once Brian hadn’t minded being used. In fact he’d relished the aggressiveness the blond had displayed, nearly pushing Brian to his limits. 

As he lay there Brian’s eyes fell on each piece of furniture that had been used as a prop in one way or another. One of the chairs next to the kitchen table still lay on its side where it had fallen after Brian had shoved it with his foot.

*Warm skin met cool smoothness as Justin lay back on the table top, hearing a crash he raised his head to peer down at the chair that had been knocked over on its side, he grinned at Brian. A second later he groaned as the thick length of Brian’s cock worked its way inside him. Brian set a quick pace, watching as the blond’s body rocked back and forth with every thrust.*   

 Fuck, he could still hear Justin’s moans ringing in his ears. Then his eyes moved of their own accord to the couch.

*Justin was bent over the arm rest, fingers digging into the soft white leather.  His bare toes scrambling for purchase in the thick rug as deep rasping groans and the harsh sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room. He turned to look at Brian over his shoulder “fuck me harder.” The sound alone had been primal.*

Justin stirred in his sleep, moving his leg and Brian bit back a gasp as the small knee nudged his cock. He felt a twitch; sleep would definitely be a long time in coming.


 “Mr. Halbrook. I have some information I think you’ll be interested in.”

“This had better be good news Palmer.” Glen growled into the phone as he sat down.

“Oh, it is.” Dwayne Palmer replied, smiling at the man sitting across from his desk. “Justin Taylor is in Pittsburgh,”

Glen listened intently, jotting down the details on a piece of paper while the private investigator talked.

“Thank you Palmer, this is very good news, indeed” Glen said, staring at the paper “You will be well rewarded, I assure you.” he finished, then made a quick call to the Las Angeles airport, securing a ticket on an early morning flight and another for a hotel room before setting the phone down.

He rubbed his fingers thoughtfully on his chin as he contemplated his reunion with the smaller man.  He smiled as he imagined the look that would be on Justin’s face when they saw each other again and he laughed softly. The thought of being reunited with his young lover sent a surge of excitement through him, knowing the search was almost over.

As he stood and walked into the bedroom to pack a suitcase, his eyes fell on the bed and he paused, seeing the pale body laying there, waiting for him. He ran a hand slowly down the front of his black satin lounge pants. Justin would soon be back in his home, and, in his bed, where he belonged.

He finished packing then turned to the dresser and pulled out the top drawer, where various brands of condoms and lube lay scattered amongst the other contents.  He picked up a condom packet and slid the pad of his thumb over the outer cover, remembering the exquisite feeling of being buried balls deep in Justin’s tight ass, then dropped it and picked up the thin nylon rope. As much as he relished the thought of having the young blond under him again, there were other important matters to take care of first. The consequence of Justin’s disobedience in disappearing was long overdue.


In an office in downtown LA, Dwayne Palmer counted out five hundred dollars in cash and handed it across the desk. “Thank you, that young man has eluded me for quite some time.”

He watched as the tall, grey- haired, slightly balding man stuffed the cash into his wallet then turned and walked to the office door. As he opened it to go out, the man turned back and smiled “Yes, my faggot son can be a pain in the ass when he wants to be.”

Dwayne watched in open mouthed astonishment as Craig Taylor walked out the door. 

Chapter End Notes:

Again, many thanks to everyone for their comments and encouragement.

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