Midnight Whispers

After escaping from an abusive relationship, Justin, Jennifer and Molly have begun a new life in Pittsburgh. When Justin’s ex tracks him down, can Brian save him in time? *STORY IS COMPLETE*

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Midnight Whispers
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey everyone, I apologize for being gone for so long. My short break from the story turned out to be a lot longer than I wanted thanks to RL. A big thank you goes to a very special friend for her friendship and understanding as well as the gentle nudges to get my butt back in gear and start writing again, haha. You know who you are.

In this chapter we'll find out a little more about what happened to Glen's ex boyfriend that was mentioned in the last chapter.

The hand on Justin’s arm felt like a vice, clamping down with unrelenting force as he was yanked inside the house. He whirled around as soon as he was released and stood watching cautiously as his former lover closed the door.

Glen leaned back against the heavy wooden panel, crossed his arms over his chest and mentally patted himself on the back. The smile that formed on his lips didn’t quite reach his eyes as he gazed triumphantly at the blond. Finally, Justin was back where he belonged and his to do with as he wished and he had a long list of grievances the younger man would soon be paying for. The embarrassment and inconveniences he’d endured over the past year were unforgivable and his body tingled with the excitement of dealing out Justin’s punishment.  Losing the buyer he’d found for the unfinished painting two months after Justin had run away was unfortunate, thank god he’d recently been able to find another buyer, but the indignity of having to traipse all the way across the US to retrieve Justin, only to find his wayward lover in the arms of another man, was reprehensible and Justin would pay dearly for Glen’s humiliation.

The older man knew exactly how that would play out, the shackles that were hanging from the four corners of his bed frame, were well worth the money he’d dished out for them weeks ago and even though they were still fairly new, Glen knew they could withstand any amount of struggling they were subjected to: they were already well broken in from use, as were the other, more interesting toys he had lined up neatly on top of the dresser. Soon the leather bands would be fastened tightly around Justin’s wrists and ankles instead of the slim red haired man they’d been attached to the night before.

That one, he knew would have to be taken care of soon. Now that Justin was back, he no longer had use for the sniveling shit he’d been dating when he had first met Justin. Glen laughed inwardly, dating was such a weak term, the only use the little twit had been good for was a hard fuck. Now, with Justin back where he belonged, he could get rid of the other one once and for all.  That is until Justin had served his use as well.

Focusing his attention back on the man in front of him, he let his eyes roam freely over Justin’s body, noting to his displeasure that the blond was not cowering in fear like he should have been, ready to beg for his forgiveness. Instead Justin was standing tall, a slight challenge shining in the blue eyes staring back at him. That wouldn’t do at all he thought, he could tell the lesson needed to begin sooner rather than later.

Unbeknownst to Glen, Justin had been reading every expression that had crossed the man’s face accurately; after all he’d had plenty of experience and Justin knew he had some long and painful nights ahead of him. 

“I think it’s time we got reacquainted, don’t you?” Glen asked, but as he pushed away from the door, he was surprised to see Justin shake his head negatively.

“I want to see Molly”

Justin was well aware of the risk he was taking by taking a stand against Glen but he also knew that once Glen had his hands on him he wouldn’t get another chance to see his sister or tell her how much he loved her. Once the painting was finished, he knew death would be a long time in coming, but it would come…..eventually. Glen had nearly beaten him to death once before, this time he wouldn’t stop, Justin knew, he’d seen it in Glen’s eyes. The only thing that saddened him was that he never got the chance to tell Brian that he loved him or to say good bye.

Glen’s face clouded in rage as he straightened to his full height, how dare Justin put his own needs in front of his. The intense anger he felt temporarily blinded his judgment and prevented him from taking a closer look at his surroundings; if he had he’d have noticed the man standing quietly in the slightly darkened interior of the next room.

 “You’ll see the bitch when I say you can see her”

 Justin stood his ground as Glen approached; the action only seemed to infuriate the man more and he knew he’d feel the heavy weight of Glen’s anger in less then a second.  As Glen stepped closer he saw the other man’s right arm raise and the hand close into a tight ball, and only one thought skidded to a stop in Justin’s mind as he tried to prepare himself for Glen’s fist smashing into his face……. Brian.


The man striding into the room wore a look of extreme displeasure and Justin spared a look at Glen, wondering how the other man would take this intrusion. To his surprise two expressions quickly flitted across Glen’s face, first astonishment then dismay, much like a kid caught with his hand halfway out of the cookie jar with only a half hour until supper time. Justin shifted his gaze back to the newcomer only to find the chocolate brown eyes locked on his. He didn’t have time to wonder at the brief look of compassion before those eyes shifted back to Glen.

Joshua had insisted on being there when Justin arrived, one to meet the young artist who had started the painting and second, a deeper, more foreboding feeling had driven him to be there and he always went with his intuition. Luckily years of hard work prevented him from showing any emotion as he stopped between Glen and Justin. He felt a pang of sympathy for the look of relief that had been on the astonishly young looking face. If he hadn’t known better he’d say the kid wasn’t any older than his own sixteen year old son. Knowing he had to somehow prevent Halbrook from doing anything stupid, he decided to make his intentions known instantly.

“I suggest you save your revenge for later, if there is even one drop of blood splattered on that painting, you will deeply regret it” Joshua narrowed his eyes in warning “do I make myself clear”

Glen huffed in annoyance “perfectly”    he said, shooting an angry look at Justin.

Joshua, feeling he’d gotten his point across, nodded then turned to Justin “who is this Molly you spoke of?”

“My sister” Justin pointed a finger at Glen “he kidnapped her and brought her here”

“Well then, while Justin visits with his sister, you and I will discuss the final price for my newest decoration” Joshua replied confidently, instinctively knowing that the mention of money would grab Glen’s greedy attention and was rewarded when the man’s face lit up.

He watched as Glen roughly grabbed Justin’s shoulder and propelled the younger man down the hallway, stopping in front of a closed door at the far end. He could tell Glen was speaking to Justin as the man pulled a key ring out of his pants pocket and proceeded to unlock the door before shoving Justin inside and closing the door behind him.  

Over the next few minutes the men came to an agreement on the final price of ten thousand dollars, deliverable when Justin had completed his work. Although the price was extreme Joshua needed the painting, though he wasn’t about to let Glen in on his little secret until it was time.

After they had reached a mutual agreement, Joshua stood  “the boy remains untouched as long as he works on my painting, is that clear?” he asked. He didn’t really trust the other man to keep his word but couldn’t find any other reason to remain inside the house without raising Glen’s suspicion.

“Yes, yes you’ve made it abundantly clear” Glen replied, holding the door open and all but pushing the other man out into the warm afternoon air. After Joshua had left and Glen closed the door he gazed down the hall, a thoughtful expression on his face. What Joshua Penhall didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him he thought as he began to walk toward the room that had become Molly’s prison for the past few days. He would still enjoy Justin’s body, but refrain from the blonds’ punishment until after the painting was finished.

Joshua sat in his car staring at the house for a few minutes then started it and backed slowly out of the driveway. He was one of the FBI’s top agents when it came to finding missing people and was used to being in dangerous situations, and the feeling in his gut told him that this had the potential to turn deadly. As he pulled up to the stop sign he reached under his seat, pulled out a folder and placed it on the consol next to him. He didn’t need to look at the small color photograph clipped on the front of the folder; he spent countless hours studying the face of the auburn haired young man pictured in it.

Andrew Jennings had been Glen’s boyfriend for two and a half years, and according to his family, had been happy and very much in love. Then Glen had met Justin and Andrew had mysteriously disappeared without a word. Andrews’ parents were slowly loosing hope of finding their son alive and Joshua himself was beginning to have serious doubts. He had a bad feeling, one he had felt a few times before and he didn’t like it. Justin was in deep trouble and he would do everything in his power to keep the young blond from vanishing without a trace.

As Joshua rounded the corner and pulled up behind the FBI car parked next to the curb he shut the engine off, grabbed the folder and got out. Hopefully it wouldn’t be long before Pete’s plane landed and they could get both Justin and Molly out of there. 

The two men in the car glanced back at him as he slid into the back seat and acknowledged each with a nod “Bill, Mike good to see you two”

Mike chuckled as he handed Joshua a bottle of water from the passenger seat “you saw us at briefing this morning”

After unscrewing the lid and taking a sip, Joshua put it back on and shook his head “that is one cold S.O.B”

“Anything?” Bill asked looking at Joshua in the rear view mirror and sighed as he received a negative shake of the head.

 “Not a clue, if he’s still alive, Halbrooks got him stashed someplace else” 

“How long before Pete’s plane lands?” 

Bill slightly turned his arm, hand still on the wheel, and glanced at the gold watch around his wrist “in about an hour and a half”

As the three settled down to wait, Joshua looked out the window, the feeling of unease growing with each second that ticked by.

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