Midnight Whispers

Family is supposed to mean something. To Gabriel" s="" family=""> Family Feud by The Black Rose

Midnight Whispers
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Family is supposed to mean something. To Gabriel's family, it seems to mean war amongst his brothers and sisters. Unable to watch his family tear each other apart, Gabriel had fled to earth. There he had found his friend, Loki. Just when Gabriel had thought things might have been looking up for him, Loki was attacked and fatally wounded. His last request had been that Gabriel take his place amongst the Norse Pantheon. Suddenly, Gabriel had found himself as the new Loki, had six new children and people making offerings to him everywhere he looked. On the bright side, it provided one hell of a cover for him from his brothers that had been searching for him. The hardest part now though, would be explaining all of this to his mate, Sam Winchester.

Categories: Sam/Gabriel , SUPERNATURAL , Hurt/Comfort , Drama , Romance , Minor Character Death Characters: Dean Winchester , Gabriel , Sam Winchester
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Published: December 13, 2011 Updated: December 13, 2011

1. Family Feud by The Black Rose [ Reviews - 1 ] (3408 words)

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