Midnight Whispers
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Midnight Whispers
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Since we are starting to have non-QAF fan fiction stories on Whispers, a reader wrote and asked how they can find just QAF stories instead of running into non-QAF stories.

Go to the menu bar below the header above, and select Categories.

Next select QAF-U.S.

There will first be many different sub-categories but below those is a list of the latest QAF stories stored on this website. This list does not include any stories other than QAF in it.

Right above the stories is an advanced search option menu.

If you switch to "Completed Only" in the right of the search area, it will list them as most recent and completed stories too.

You can also use this procedure for any other fandom and/or subcategory as well.

This procedure will have to do until I can change the complex CSS code of our efiction software creating unique Latest Stories for each fan fiction area of interest. That's going to be some time in the future.

If everyone learns this procedure we won't have to change the coding, and trust me; you really don't want me mucking up our code!

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