Midnight Whispers

Having separated for what seemed to be the final time, Brian and Justin are trying to move on with their lives and finding tit not such an easy thing to accomplish. And then the unthinkable happens. Justin is injured in the bomb blast at Babylon. Brian has to once again face the fact that the blonde’s life is hanging in the balance and all that comes after. Currently Being Edited

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Midnight Whispers
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Chapter Five

At the end of Justin’s second day in ICU, he sent Brian home to get some much needed rest.

“I’m not leaving you.”

“Brian, you need to go home. Sleep in a bed for a change, eat some real food and have a proper shower. You can be back early tomorrow morning when I get moved to my new room. Miguel said that he’s arranged for a cot to be put in the room with me so you can then sleep by me if you want to but for tonight you have to fucking go and get some proper rest.”

Brian had still looked unsure.

“Brian go. I promise that I will be fine. Miguel is working tonight and will call you if there is a need.”

Finally, the brunette caved, “Alright. I’ll go but I’ll be back.”

“I never doubted that.”

Reflecting on the conversation the next morning, Justin smiled. Brian really had changed from that first night that they had met five years ago.

“Hey Justin, it’s time to move you,” Miguel cheerfully informed his patient.

“Can we wait a few more minutes, please? Brian will be here soon.”

“Of course. And Justin, you’re a great guy to have around but I would prefer it if I never saw you in here again. Deal?”

Justin laughed. “You and me both. You have a deal.”

“I second that motion,” a voice said from beside them.

“Brian. Morning, you like you slept much better.”

Brian just smiled not wanting to admit that the young blonde had been right about his sleeping arrangements. It didn’t work. Justin knew him so well that one look at the brunette’s face had him laughing quietly under his breath.

“Ok Sunshine, let’s go see these new accommodations of yours.”


Over the next two weeks, Brain and Justin established a sort of routine. Brian slept in the cot next to Justin’s bed every night. They had breakfast together and got presentable for the morning round of visitors. After visiting hours, Brian sat with his laptop and worked on his latest campaign. After the first day, Justin helped him. The artist had many useful ideas and had grown bored with the T.V. quickly. The two worked well as a team and could almost read each others’ minds and didn’t need to be told in detail what the other was thinking.

They had visitors in the afternoon again and Justin often saw his mom and Brian standing to one side whispering. This made him very nervous, if the two of them were on the same side and hatching a scheme together, it almost certainly concerned him but neither would say a word.

The day before Justin was to be released Brian and Jennifer could once again be found standing to the side whispering.

“Is everything organised?”

“I phoned today to confirm your reservations, Brian”

“Thank you. I made the bookings online but I couldn’t really phone with Justin around. I want it to stay a surprise. He and I don’t really have the best track record when it comes to this stuff you know.”

Jennifer laughed quietly, “Oh, I know. I’m just glad that I could help. It’s a wonderful idea and probably better than what the doctor had in mind.”

Brian looked nervous. “Mother Taylor, would you mind stepping into the hall with me for a minute?”

“Sure. We’ll be right back”, the last was directed at Daphne and Justin.

The two stepped into the hall.

“You’re right. They are acting weird, Justin.”

“I know. I just wish I knew what they were up to.”

“Don’t worry, Jus. This is your mom and Brian we are talking about. It won’t be that bad. Granted Brian’s surprises in the past have mostly been disasters but now your mom is obviously involved. You’ll find out soon enough.”

Justin looked at his oldest friend suspiciously, “You don’t know anything do you, Daf?

“Me?” she asked pointing at herself. “Sadly this time I have been left out of the loop. But anyway, change in subject. You must be happy to finally be getting out of here. Any big plans?” was asked quite suggestively.

“You know I do. This is it Daphne. This is the end of the road. We are going to work and fuck everything and everyone else. No more break ups and getting back together although I wouldn’t mind the make up sex.”

The two of them stared at each other before bursting into laughter as Brain and Jennifer walked back into the room.

“What’s so funny?” The brunette asked his younger lover.

Justin and Daphne turned to look at him and just laughed harder. He turned to Jennifer who simply shrugged her shoulders.

The two laughed harder because it was great to be able to let some of the stress of the last two weeks go even if it was through hilarity. Neither could remember when they had laughed so hard or long.

Brian sat down smiling. It was wonderful to hear him laugh again. Fuck but he had missed that laugh, the sunshine smile, the public service announcements. He had missed his blonde. Period.

Once Jennifer and Daphne had left, Brian walked over to Justin lying on the bed.

“Move over.”

Justin smiled as he did just that and Brian climbed in next to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

“What are we watching tonight, Sunshine?” he asked a he turned the screen on.

“Mmmmm… how about Yellow Submarine?”

Brian smiled while rolling his eyes. The younger man never seemed to tire of the movie and although he wouldn’t admit it aloud. It had kind of grown on him as well.

He pressed play and settled in to watch the movie but as it went on, he found himself watching Justin more and more, enjoying his reactions to the movie. Brian was finally content with his life and it was thanks to the blonde man resting in his arms.

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