Midnight Whispers

Having separated for what seemed to be the final time, Brian and Justin are trying to move on with their lives and finding tit not such an easy thing to accomplish. And then the unthinkable happens. Justin is injured in the bomb blast at Babylon. Brian has to once again face the fact that the blonde’s life is hanging in the balance and all that comes after. Currently Being Edited

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Midnight Whispers
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Jennifer and Molly had come and gone. Brian had continued sitting in the chair besides Justin’s bed, eventually resting his head by the blonde’s hand and closing his eyes when exhaustion crept up on him. Miguel had checked on his patient while Justin slept through it all.

Blue eyes drifted open as the young blonde slowly woke. His left hand twitched and was squeezed by something warm and solid. Curious, he opened his eyes and glanced down at his hand. What he saw took his breath away.

Brian was sleeping in a chair that he had obviously brought closer to the bed in which Justin lay. The brunette was holding his hand and his other arm was being used as a pillow for his head next to Justin’s thigh. Brian was facing towards Justin and the younger man could only lie in the bed and stare.

Fuck he had missed this. He had already been having doubts about once again leaving Brian. It seemed that every time he wasn’t happy with him, he left. Perhaps they both had commitment issues.

All he had wanted for years was a life with Brian. He wanted more from his life than what he currently had. Fuck it!! He had almost died. AGAIN. Enough was enough. He and Brian were going to get this right once and for all. Justin wasn’t exactly sure how to accomplish that but it was just details so who cared? He would come up with something.

Brian was sitting by him in the hospital with him and by the looks of it hadn’t even gone home. That meant that he had to really care for him a lot. So he had something to work with. Justin just had to make the caring a little more and show Brian that he did indeed love him and wouldn’t ever willingly leave him again no matter how pissed off he got. Maybe Brian needed that kind of reassurance and security before he would be willing to admit that he loved the blonde.

Yes, he liked that idea.

His musings were interrupted by a nurse that he recognised. His name was... Miguel. Yes Miguel. Who happened to be coming towards his bed to check on him again.

“Hey, sleeping beauty. Welcome back. How are you feeling? Any excessive pain? That drip in your arm is full of painkillers so you shouldn’t feel much,” he spoke quietly to avoid waking Brian who had only just fallen asleep.

“Hi, you’re Miguel. You were with me last time weren’t you?”
“Yes I was. Now about that pain.”

“I’m okay. Don’t really feel much of anything at the moment but I do feel drowsy.”

“That’s also to be expected young man. I must say that I’m happy Brian decided to join you inside the hospital room this time,” he slyly slipped to Justin, positive that with what he knew about Brian the brunette wouldn’t have said a word.

“He what? He was…there?” came the soft exclamation, confusion colouring his tone.

Cheerfully, Miguel continued, “Yip, the whole time. Used to come every night. Anyway, must check on my other patients.” With that he walked away.

Justin didn’t even notice him leaving. Brian was with him last time. He had been there the whole time and never told him.

FUCK. That is so typical Brian. He let so many little things slip I can’t believe I didn’t notice. Stupid ass. It would have made such a difference if I had known. I would never have left him for Ethan. Fucking idiot. I’m so going to kill him.

Justin stopped mid rant as he felt Brian begin to stir. He released Justin’s hand to rub his eyes and suddenly froze, slowly lowering his hands as he felt someone staring at him.

“Justin,” he breathed relieved once again that his blonde was alive.

Justin stared into brown eyes before uttering, “You were here last time?”

This was met with a guilty, deer in the headlights look from Brian. It was all he needed as confirmation.

“Why didn’t you come into the room or tell me?” all the pain from the past was echoed in his voice.

Justin held Brian’s eyes for a long moment, trying to see answers in the hazel depths. Unable to stand the scrutiny Brian broke contact and looked away.

Justin was about to say something when he heard Brian’s soft response, “I didn’t know how to tell you. It was… I…” his voice trailed off, and he tightened his fingers around Justin’s.

Justin replied quietly, “I know. I know that now but I needed to know that back then, Brian. You need to stop doing shit like that.”

He decided not to press the issue. It was in the past and although it hurt and made him angry all he would do was push Brian away if he pressed his point. Which was the opposite of what he wanted to achieve. With this added information, he was certain that Brian loved him and was absolutely determined to get the brunette to admit it. So he let go of his anger and decided to focus on something else.

Changing the subject, he asked softly, “Do you know how long I’m going to have to be in here?”

Brian was relieved to have an answer for the young blonde, “You have to stay here in the ICU for the next two days and then in a ward for the next week before they will consider letting you leave. The doctor said that when you were awake, he would come explain it to us in more detail.”

“I don’t want to stay here for so long. I hate hospitals!”

“I know but I promise that this time I will stay with you.”


He received a nod in response. The two had fallen into such an easy pattern that to both it felt as if they were together again, something they both wanted. With a silent conversation, this was conveyed and it was also silently decided that they would try to reconcile. The how’s and long conversations could wait for later. Right now they just sat close to each other absorbing the others presence like starving men. This time they would get it right and screw everyone else.

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