Midnight Whispers

Having separated for what seemed to be the final time, Brian and Justin are trying to move on with their lives and finding tit not such an easy thing to accomplish. And then the unthinkable happens. Justin is injured in the bomb blast at Babylon. Brian has to once again face the fact that the blonde’s life is hanging in the balance and all that comes after. Currently Being Edited

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Midnight Whispers
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AN: Fair warning this is sort of a sex chapter =P

Chapter Eleven

A gentle tug on his earlobe woke Justin, followed by warm opened-mouthed kisses down his neck. A hand was stroking his dick. Brian’s thumb moved up and down in teasing strokes. The blonde was lying on his side and could feel Brian’s arousal poking against his ass. With his left hand, he reached behind him for Brian’s head and turned his head to kiss him. The brunette immediately swept his tongue against Justin’s soft lips, seeking entrance. Lips parted and his tongue lazily ran along the artist’s before tracing the roof of his mouth.

A keening moan escaped Justin as he moved his hand from the back of Brian’s head to his ass in an attempt to bring him closer.

“Brian, fuck me.”

Breathless laughter was his answer before he felt a lubed covered finger circling his entrance and then pushing in. His finger withdrew and another joined it as Brian pushed back in. Once he had three fingers inside Justin, he started thrusting them in faster, scissoring to help stretch. One finger curled slightly on the next thrust in, hitting Justin’s prostate which caused him to gasp and moan loudly. Fuck but Justin could be vocal and Brian loved it.

“Briiiaann,” whined Justin.

Brian removed his fingers and replaced them with his condom and lube covered dick. With one long, slow thrust, he was seated to the balls, eliciting a moan from both partners. The brunette was panting into Justin’s blonde locks.

He pulled out and then pushed back in, each time with a little more force. Justin reached back and kissed Brian again, their tongues tangling and duelling for dominance. Brian shoved his tongue into the blonde’s mouth in time with his thrusts. He broke the kiss and gently bit down on Justin’s neck as he neared completion.

“Brian,” Justin whispered nearly out of breath.

The blonde threaded his fingers through brown hair and held Brian’s head to his neck while Brian jerked him off. A few strokes later and they both moaned as they came.



Brian threw the condom away as they slowly got up to shower and clean themselves up. Shortly after, they made their way to the dining hall for breakfast.

The table that they had sat at last night was still open as they made their way over. Brian had coffee while Justin got the whole breakfast meal comprising of bacon, egg, sausage, a fried tomato, some toast and a muffin. As he ate, his partner shook his head.

“I still can’t believe that you manage to eat all that shit.”

Justin grinned at him and offered a half a slice of toast. Brian eyed it before accepting and nibbled on it as the blonde ate his meal.

“So what’s the plan for today, Bri?”

“I know you can’t go skiing due to your injuries, at least not this time.”

Justin lit up at the casual mention that there would be a next time. He couldn’t believe it but he loved the ad-ex even more. Brian was still being himself, just a little more open, like the man that the young artist had always known he could be.

“So I thought that we could maybe go for a walk, look around town.”

“Ok, sounds good. Do you want to go when we’re done here?”

“I’m done, Sunshine. Just waiting for you,” Brian teased.

The two went back to their room to brush their teeth and grab their warm coats before heading out.

As they began walking, Justin grabbed Brian’s hand and intertwined their fingers before looking at Brian as if daring him to say something. The brunette just smiled in answer and tugged Justin along.

They commented on their surroundings as they walked before Justin remembered something he had wanted to ask Brian.

“Brian, what are you going to do with Babylon?”

Brian was silent while he thought about it.

“I hadn’t really made a decision yet. I’ve considered selling it. It’s going to take a lot of work if I decide to rebuild.”

Justin laughed, “Since when has that ever stopped you. Brian Kinney loves a challenge. It’s one of the reasons that Kinnetik has done so well.”

Brian beamed at the pride he could hear in Justin’s voice. The blonde was right.

“Ok, I’ll rebuild but only if you’re helping with the club and Kinnetik.”

A snort of laughter was his answer, “You just don’t want to have to deal with your art department anymore.”

“The only artist I can stand is you, Sunshine. The rest I want to strangle half the fucking time.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. I suppose I could save you and your art department from killing each other.”

Brian tugged on Justin’s hand, bringing him closer to kiss him quickly in thanks. The pair spent the next two hours walking in and out of shops. Justin had to stop several times to buy little souvenirs and gifts for the family back home.

Half way back to the inn, Brian tripped over a tree branch hidden in the snow. He released Justin’s hand as he fell and landed on his ass.

“Oh my god, Brian,” Justin exclaimed.

He quickly knelt in the snow next to his partner, setting the bag of gifts down as he ran his hands over Brian’s body.”

“Are you hurt?”

Brian laughed softly before tugging the blonde to lie over him. He reached up and kissed Justin’s cold nose before kissing his lips. Justin’s laughter joined Brian’s.

“You are insane you know that, Bri?”

Brian just laughed before pulling him down for another kiss. When they broke apart, the brunette stared into the blue eyes above him before taking a deep breath.

“Marry me”

Justin blinked a few times in shock as he looked down at his partner. He could see that Brian was dead serious.

“YES! I will marry you. You can’t take it back now. You’re well and truly stuck with me now Brian Kinney.” Justin flung his arms around Brian in joyous abandon, before pulling back to kiss him within an inch of his life.

Finally, recalled to his surroundings, Justin stood up and helped Brian up, tugging him back to their inn, eager to show him how happy he was.

Justin immediately dropped the bag as they entered their room. Someone had lit a fire in the fire place. Brian reached over and slipped Justin’s coat off along with his own. They kissed softly as they undressed each other in no rush or hurry. Justin pulled Brian in front of the fireplace and lay down on the plush rug in front of it. Brian followed him down, grabbing lube and a condom form his coat pocket

Justin lay flat and pulled Brian’s head down to him, both hands stroking the nape of Brian’s neck, ruffling the brunette’s hair. Brian broke the kiss to rest his forehead against Justin’s. He moved his head to kiss Justin’s neck where his pulse was beating rapidly.

One of Brian’s legs was between Justin’s and he had a hand on either side of Justin’s body. Brian used his right hand to push himself up slightly to look down at his partner. The blonde ran his hand up Brian’s arm all the way up round his neck to his chest and stopped to rest over his heart before returning to the back of Brian’s neck as the brunette leaned down to kiss him again. A soft kiss that grew more heated but stayed gentle.

Slowly Brian entered Justin. Justin reached up to wrapped both arms around Brian’s neck as his future husband moved both arms under Justin’s back and shoulders with his hands curling around Justin’s shoulders to slightly lift the blonde into his next kiss.

Brian’s thrusts were slow and gentle. They both savoured it, not wanting the moment to end. Justin’s hands were running along Brian’s back tracing familiar muscles.

“I love you,” Justin whispered softly in Brian’s ear.

Brian kissed his forehead before whispering, “I love you.”

They both gently went over the edge, wrapped in each others arms. Brian disposed of the condom while Justin climbed back into the bed. Brian climbed in behind him. The blonde artist waited until the brunette was lying down before laying his head on Brian’s chest, his ear pressed against his heart. Brian wrapped both arms around Justin’s shoulders as the younger man flung one of his legs over Brian’s and an arm around his waist. Both drifted off to sleep, facing angled towards each other, and soft smiles on their faces.

AN: So what did you think? I hope that these were better than my first sex scene. I live for reviews so please let me know.
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