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Reviewer: LegendaryBritinKinlor (Signed) · Date: December 31, 2016 05:01 AM · On: Chapter 1

I have returned here after being obsessed with another fandom for more than a year. I wrote my first review for a series of stories I read about a week ago. i recieved an email shortly after that from Kim welcoming me back. We traded a few emails and she told me quite a lot about the changes that are coming to the website.

I also have to admit part of why I was away for so long was when the switch happened between the old website and this one it wasn't supported for mobile devices at least not at first. It drove me nuts not being able to get one here to read and sadly I've lost track of stories I was reading back then. I am truly looking forward to being able to track what I am reading that is a huge plus in my opinion. Thank you for that.

Kim and I also discussed that other fandom of mine. She did tell me other fandom stories are welcome here and thought I have yet to write anything other than Brian/Justin I do have ideas for a few other stories and even some RPS.

Anyway  I look forward to the new and improved Midnight Whispers. Thank you all for everything you do for us and for continuing to give a lovely safe place to share our words.


Reviewer: qafqueenbee (Anonymous) · Date: November 11, 2016 04:51 PM · On: Chapter 1

I am not good with computers. So will I have a hard time getting to the QAF stories.

I wate till the stories are finish before I start to read them because so many are never completed.

Author's Response:

Great Question !!  Have no fear, it will be just as easy to get to your favorite QAF stories as it is now.  You will also be able to search for completed stories. It will be easy to find completed stories you might have missed. 

Reviewer: nickknack (Signed) · Date: November 07, 2016 05:54 AM · On: Chapter 1

I would love a story recognition system ie Story Read, Last Read Chapter etc. Now that I have succumbed to reading WIPs I am constantly trying to remember when I last read a story or if I have finished reading it -although I must admit to reading some favorites more than once anyway:-)

Author's Response:

That is  a great suggestion!  I often find myself trying to remember which chapter I read last.  Thanks for commenting!!!

The new website will remember where you are in a story, and take you to the last page read. ~Tech Support

Reviewer: Rickeshay (Anonymous) · Date: November 06, 2016 11:20 PM · On: Chapter 1

It is amazing how fast time is passing; the last story I posted was over 5 years ago.  So I would like to see a prompt for older finished fics so that newer readers can see what was available in the past.  There are a lot of very good stories on this site that probably don't get read as much as they should because they aren't new. 

Reviews have always been an interesting subject, some of the absolutely best stories posted on the various QAF sites got next to no reviews while some of the less deserving(g) were inundated with them.

Over the years I saved a large number of chaptered fics but as individual chapters{as they were posted} is there now or will there be on the new site an easy way to link the chapters up in order automatically?  For example I have the file "Justin" and subfiles "one" through "fifty" is there a way to  change it to one subfile with all fifty chapters in order>


Author's Response:

That is a great idea to highlight older completed stories for newer members to read.  I think readers do sometomes focus on "Most Recent".  That is something we will consider doing on the upgraded website.  The only way currently to link chaptered chapters together would be to create a series and link them in the series.  To be completely honest I'm not sure if there will be a way to do that more efficiently on the new website.  We really haven't had a chance to play around with it yet.  So no firm answer on that suggestion yet.  Stay tuned for more info.

I noticed you have some Harry Potter stories posted on here.  Just want you to know that we will be simplifying access to other fanfictions.  If you have some other HP stories, our new wedsite will be a great place to post them.  Thanks for the suggestions and hope to hear more from you in the future.

Reviewer: Stauneauge (Signed) · Date: November 05, 2016 07:02 PM · On: Chapter 1

I'm just a reader and appreciate to have the possibility to read stories about Brian and Justin. As long as this is possible I have no problems with changes, but haven't really a clue, what you'll change.

Thank you to all the writers!!!

Author's Response:

We appreciate you letting us know that you enjoy the stories on Midnight Whispers.  All the great Brian & Justin stories will still be there for you to read and enjoy.  There will be lots of great things on the new site that we think will enhance your enjoyment. 

Reviewer: kellydeer (Signed) · Date: November 05, 2016 07:01 PM · On: Chapter 1

Hi, I thought I read something a long, long time ago about moving abandoned fics to a separate section from those that are complete or regularly updated. I was just wondering if this will be done on the new site? It would really be cool to have three separate sections: complete, WIPs, and abandoned. What do ya think?

I get so weary of having to trudge through abandoned stories when I'm doing a search. I know I can just search for completed stories, but that knocks out those that are regularly updated that I'd like to keep an eye on.

Just one of the things on my wish list!

Author's Response:

Abraham Lincoln once said that "You can please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time".  That is as true today as when Honest Abe said it (if he really did say it).  We did indeed start an "Abandoned Story" category.  Some peoplem like you, agreed that was a good thing.  However some people, mostly authors who got their stories placed there, did not like that category at all!  I think WIP's and completed stories are great ideas.  I know a lot of people don't like to read a story until it is complete.  There will be greatly expanded search capabilities on the upgraded site that should provide what you need - minus that pesky "abandoned category".  We have to keep our authors happy otherwise there won't be any stories to read.  Thanks for letting us know what you would like to see on the new site.  I think you will be happy with all the enhancments.

Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: November 05, 2016 12:14 AM · On: Chapter 1

Hi, I already sent an email about this but for some reason I never get a response when I do that. I was just wondering why for some stories I can't see the banners. It could just be my computer but I've never really had a problem with that before. I was just wondering if it might just be the sight itself. Otherwise I think things are fine! Thank you!

Author's Response:

Actually there is a little issue with the banners for a couple stories and we are working on correcting that.  It is not your comuter and the banners should be back soon.  Thanks for making sure we knew about the missing banners.  Sorry your email didn't get a reply, I'll look into why that happened. 

Bob here; I was suddenly out of town away from Internet access for several days. Sorry not to reply to your Contact Us email. It could not be avoided. ~Tech Support

Reviewer: emac66 (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2016 06:49 PM · On: Chapter 1

Hey there:

No real concerns for me. I'm a happy reader and as long as I don't have issues getting onto teh site and reading some of my faves, I'm a happy camper. I'm not particularly savvy when it comes to computers, and I tend to cust do a copy paste and save it  into a PDF to save onto my kindle. As long as I can do that I'm good.

I have to admit I was guilty for some time for not really reviewing. I've learned my lesson and try to do so now. Perhaps more than is necessary. lol. I find myself getting  fairly long winded in some of them. *cough cough* Bill *cough*. some stories I haven'teven started yet as I am in the process of reading so many others and am waiting till they are finished or so I can sit and read them fully. If I read too many at a time I get all mixed up between plots lines, so for those I haven't reviewed, that's my reasoning. *cough* Predec2 *cough*

Love this site and am on daily looking to see what's going on.

Am so very grateful for all your incredible work here.



Author's Response:

Had to check the calendar to be sure it was really Friday.  The upgraded website will simplify your download process.  Happy to know you saw the light regarding reviews.  Glad you enjoy the site, we enjoy having you here.  Thanks for the positive comments!!! 

PS Private joke on day of the week.  Elaine almost always reviews my story on Mondays.  Bill

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: November 04, 2016 01:30 PM · On: Chapter 1

PABoi (My Sweet Baboo) last question I promise-it was mentioned that are many more reads than reviews. I alone read your 100 chapter story five times, other authors I have also re read but I only review each chapter the once is there any reason to review every time I read? thanks

Author's Response:

Five Times!  That is amazing.  The story you mentions, Sickness & Health, Good Times & Bad, has a large number of reviews 1,347 and has been viewed 456,285.  So the reads to reviews is still less than 1%.  I agree that many people reread stories.  I have reread many stories here on MW.  You and several other faithful readers are very good about reviewing stories you enjoy.  I believe a lot of readers may not realize how much authors appreciate reviews.  I read fanfiction for a while and never bothered to review.  The first story I ever reviewed was one by Predec2 and I was surprised when she responded to my review.  Once I wrote my oww story I understood how much it means when someone takes the time to let you know they enjoyed what you wrote.

We do not want this to come across as a criticism to any reader!!!!  We just want everyone to understand how much it means to an author to be validated by reviews.  My story went to 100 chapters, which I never dreamed of happening when I started it, because I loved getting reviews and I loved responding to the reviews and bantering with the reviewers.  If anyone looks back to the reviews you have written and my responses to those reviews they can see we have a lot of fun.  I enjoy interacting with several of my reviewers in the same way.  This is a long answer to a fairly short review but just wanted to explain my thoughts on reviews.

Thanks to everyone who reads stories here on MW and if you like a story any author would be thrilled to get a review!!!

Reviewer: bksbracelet (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2016 07:48 AM · On: Chapter 1
Thank you for the update I have been a reader for several years and eagerly check into the site every couple of days. I never leave negative comments if I did not like a story or I considered it poorly written I just stop reading it. Likewise when I love a story I try and leave positive comments. I do not offer plot direction as I am not a author so I would never presume to tell a authors muse ideas lol. The funny thing is when I joined years ago it had me down as a author I have never written.

Author's Response:

I am like you, if I don't have anything good to say I don't say anything.  I know you are a faithful reviewer.  I enjoy gettng suggestions from readers so never hesitate to include any in your reviews.  It just seems like there are so many more reads versus reviews we just like to occasionally remind everyone that authors lover reviews.  Reviews are the only compensation authors get for their stories.  So if you are a faithful reviewer like "bksbraclet"  thank you very, very much.  If you are a non-reviewer consider reviewing a story you really enjoy. 

Reviewer: Andre19Sol07 (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2016 05:46 AM · On: Chapter 1

Hola quisiera hacer dos sugerencias, pero antes quiero saber si me entienden el idioma ya que sino puedo traducir el comentario al ingles y luego dejarlo. Primero seria que dentro de las categorias este la de POST513, ya que es de mucha ayuda y a muchas nos gustan esas historias asi seria mas facil ubicarlas. Segundo e hiper importante seria bueno que las historias las podamos descargar para poder atesorarlas y releerlas en cualquier momento, ya que a mi me paso que intente leer unas historias publicadas en esta pagina pero a raiz del problema que hubo hace un tiempo nunca mas pude encontrarlas y la verdad que es una pena (yo tuve la suerte que me la paso por mail una lectora en otra pagina que se dedica a ayudarte a buscar aquellas historias de brian y justin que creias perdidas o no te acordas el autor); en fin algunas historias no las pude recuperar y realmente me apeno mucho. No quiere decir que por descargar las historias las vamos a promover sin el consentimiento de los autores, sino que es una forma de guardarnos esas obras de artes que ustedes crean para releerlas y valorarlas. Es mi humilde opinion y espero que no moleste. desde ya muchisimas gracias por su enorme y maravilloso trabajo. Ahh y gracias por ayudarme a entrar nuevamente, ya que es mas facil para mi de esta manera.

Author's Response:

Thanks to modern science we can translate Spanish even if it is beyond my mental abilities.  On our upgraded site you will be able to bookmark stories so it will be easy to locate favorite stories no matter how long ago they were written.  For members there will also be the ability to download a favorite story, not to share, but to enjoy on your own electronic devices.  I believe these are the answers to your two questions.  If translator let us down and I have not addressed your concerns please let me know.  Gracias!

Reviewer: shf1210 (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2016 12:36 AM · On: Chapter 1

I joined

Author's Response:

That's great!!!  Hopefully the process was painless.  Welcome aboard officially.  Bill

Reviewer: feet526@comcast.net (Anonymous) · Date: November 03, 2016 07:13 PM · On: Chapter 1

Need more info, please! i.e. financial expectation, will MW stories continue daily (with B and J) or alternate stories  (NCIS etc). I LOVE NCIS, but I really watch MW for the "boys" and the families; that is MY (can't speak for others) fluff from live! In addition, the FIRST SECURITY CODE... I DO write reviews, alot and frequently long reviews... to often to have the actual review erased when i KNOW the entered code was correct! Very frustrating, so I do not enter another!  I like to review when I experience different emotions.  I have been reading, and often printing, stories, since the beginning of MW! I look forward to response.

Thank you. 

this just happened! I am trying again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!36659

Author's Response:

Everything you love about Midnight Whispers will continue but there will be many more features.  There will be other fandoms available on the upgraded site but you will still be able to go directly to QAF stories with your favorite men, B&J!  Those pesky security codes will not be an issue on the new site.  If you JOIN Midnight Windows now you won't have to enter any security codes to review stories.  All you need to join is a user name and a valid email address.  No one can see your email address and we don't share those email addresses with any other site.  Hope you will consider joining!!   Thanks for the comments.

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: November 03, 2016 06:41 PM · On: Chapter 1

OOPS  I forgot an author I just started reading: Teinisydan  I like the storys because they often make me laugh out loud, and sometimes they pull at your heart strings, you never know what is going to happen. I wish it was easier to read some of the  livejournals I wanted to express how beautiful the banners are, some are so striking I often stop and read someone new because the banner draws my interest.  This webb site means alot to so many people when the reviews are read you know how happy they are to have this outlet

Author's Response:

I like those stories as well.  Thanks for all the nice comments about Midnight Whispers.  We are grateful to have nice people, like you, reading the stories and providing feedback to the authors.  The upgraded website will have all the great stories and much more!!!!

Reviewer: bktush (Anonymous) · Date: November 03, 2016 06:12 PM · On: Chapter 1

I don't know if I'm a member or not-- I know that sounds crazy but it is true. No way do I want to not be able to read my favorite authors : PABoi,7wildwaysup,debvs,DEB TANNER,galesgirl,Ispazz,Julesmonster,moonshadow woman,Predec2,VIC32,nicolle--midnight2013, and We Dreamerz. I'm retired and spend most days on midnight whispers. I feel like I know these authors and I do respond to their stories they write storys that interest me and challenge my way of thinking I feel free to suggest a way to maybe inhance what's happen.The only storys I refuse to read are death fics of Brian or Justin-I read to feel up lifted, strangly enough I do like the anti mikey and anti Lindsay because they are so mean and childlike. I never miss a day reading and enjoy it so much. I do like the qaf with crossovers, but if qaf isn't in the story I confess just to go past the storys they don't interest me I didn't read or see Harry Potter, or the Walking Dead so the story would not make any sense to me.

If you are Vicki l Soper , you became a member on August 25th, 2015. Send us a Contact Us email for help resetting your password if needed. ~Tech Support

Author's Response:

Hi Sally, if you are not Vicki 1 Soper; you can always join Midnight Whispers.  All you need is a user name and a valid email.  No one can see your email and we don't share emails with any other site.  On the upgraded site you will be able to go directly to QAF stories but there will be other fandoms to choose from as well.  I am sure all the authors appreciate your comments and suggestions.  I know one in particular that always looks forward to your reviews!!!  Thanks.

Reviewer: Teinisydan (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2016 03:32 PM · On: Chapter 1

Well, apparently I do not know how to use the search tools. That's probably a little hint :D. 

Author's Response:

For sure they need to be easier.  Hope my reply was helpful; that was my intent.  If you don't understand the current search capabilities I'm sure there are many others readers who were also unaware how to use the current search options.  Thanks for raising the issue!!!!! 

Reviewer: Teinisydan (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2016 08:12 AM · On: Chapter 1


I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for and you probably know this already but I'll say it anyway.

I find the search tools lacking. I would like to search something by writing, so some kind of search box would be nice. Also now you can search by famdoms only. I would like to search other categories too such as alternative universe, romance and so on.

I would also be happy if there was more categories. I mean fluff is a must, we can't live without some Brian and Justin cuteness! There should also be an easy way to find it. There are loads more categories than this site has now.

And the last thing is that I would like an easy access to a link to my profile (the page where I see my bio and stories) so I didn't have to search it from the authors section. 

Thank you for listening... Or reading :).

Author's Response:

Thanks for your comments this is just what we are looking for, wish list items from our members.  Improving search is certainly something we are looking at doing.  Meanwhile there are some search options I want to be sure everyone knows about.

Currenlty you can click on "Categories" at the tp of the screen.  Next choose "QAF-US", or any other listed fiction category, and a list of searchable sub-catergories is displayed.  Click on any sub-category to get stories where the author used that tag for their story.  Right now fluff is not a listed sub-category.

To search for fluff stories you can click on "Search" at the top of the screen.  Choose to search by "Summary" and type "fluff" in the search box.  This will show youa list of all stories where "Fluff" was mentioned by the author in the story description of summary.

Profiles are for sure on the list of enhancements for our upgrade.  Thank you so much for responding and for the great stories you have posted on Midnight Whispers.

Reviewer: julia005 (Anonymous) · Date: November 03, 2016 07:12 AM · On: Chapter 1

I don´t know much about tech either, but I´m grateful to everyone who takes time to write, to edit these wonderful stories of the qaf universe!

You gave me lots of happy hours while reading. I can´t say how much I love und appreciate your work! I´m happy to hear you will go on an make more fun!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for your comments.  The main purpose of Midnight Whispers is to provide "happy hours while reading" so it is great to know that is your experience.  Our goal is to provide much more fun for many more people.  I'm sure our authors appreciate your lovely reviews.

Reviewer: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2016 03:09 AM · On: Chapter 1

I hope I'm doing my part : )

Author's Response:

You my friend are the SUPERSTAR of reviewers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   What would we ever do without you.  Thank you for being such a great supporter for so many authors and for your wonderful stories.  Bill

Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: November 03, 2016 01:41 AM · On: Chapter 1

A few thoughts: MW, in my opinion, always has been a safe and kind place and that is entirely attributed to Elsa Rose. Yes, there have been a few squabbles over the years, but those were well-managed with as much transparency as possible, in my opinion. I always admired how she nurtured beginning authors and, in some cases, provided an ear for those seeking it. MW, through Elsa Rose, incubated quite a few writers who went on to produce some amazing work. So, I'm glad the new site will continue to honor her legacy. Of course, as a die hard B&J and all things QAF fan, I'm glad that a section will be devoted to QAF. That is reassuring. Grateful to the "wise investor" who is funding this project. I don't think folks need to be apprehensive about upcoming changes. With Bob and Predec2 overseeing these changes, I trust that all will be well. Will be forever grateful that both (and others, too) have devoted so much of their personal time and energy to keep this archive of stories safe. Looking forward to the opportunity to learn some new things about social media. It will be great to have a safe space to explore and experiment, if one chooses to take advantage of that. I like that comments/reviews will thread. Glad of the emphasis on maintaining privacy and that there will be no data-mining of personal information. No doubt you will be keeping the ability to enlarge and darken text. I would never be able to read anything without that. Bright backgrounds also make reading difficult. I enjoy the banners and other art work and images when included in stories, so will be looking forward to the interesting things that I'm sure will be created. I really hope that the new software will be providing an improved space for commenting. What we have now is less than inspiring. Thanks for everything that all of you are doing to create the new site. I do agree that it is the right step and the best way to insure the continuation of all of the stories posted here.

Author's Response:

WOW!!  So happy to know you are looking forward to the upgrade and all the wonderful new features it will have.  Thanks for all the positive energy and I'm sure you will feel even more positive when we rollout the new website.  It is going to be amazing!!!

Reviewer: cookiebun (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2016 12:20 AM · On: Chapter 1

I don't really have an suggestions or a wish list... I'm clueless about tech stuff, but looking forward to the upgrades :) 

Author's Response:

You will NOT have to be a tech expert to enjoy all the upgrades.  We are looking forward to Wowing you with our new features.  Thanks for taking time to comment!

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